SXKH DMC2018 victory song victory frequency report
05 06,2018

From June 5 to June 9 2018, the DMC2018 International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition was held in Shanghai as scheduled. This year\\\'s DMC2018 exhibited an area of 100,000 square meters, which was gathered by a number of national mold and die i

11 04,2018

SXKH India participated in the 11th Die and Mould India Exhibition, which was held at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai in India. It is a unique event of Die and Mould Industry, held once in 2 years to showcase their capabilities, innovation, new technolog

SXKH DMC2016 is a great success!
12 08,2016

DMC2016 (the 16th China International Mould and Equipment Exhibition) was a complete success!

Plastivision India 2017
13 02,2017

From January 19th to 23rd, 2017, our company participated in the 10th India International Plastics Industry Exhibition. The exhibition was hosted by the All India Plastics Manufacturers Association and was held at Mumbai International Exhibition Center in

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